At the Beginning

Let There Be Light

Peace In Despair

Fighting through to rest

Naked and Poor, Wretched and Blind

Chainbreaker 8/16/2020

First Things

Missions service with the Henry's

"Who Will Go"

"Multitudes in the Valley of Decision"

"By Now You Should Be Teachers"

"Blessed Nation" 7/5/2020

Put Your Trust in the Lord, 6/28/2020

"Father's Day 2020" 6/21/20

"Get Wisdom" 0614/20

"Walking Worthy" 6/07/2020

"Mission, Authority and Power"

"The Cost of Freedom" 2/24/20

"Life's Storms", 5/17/2020

"The Priceless Woman" 5/10/2020

"Treasure in Clay Pots", 5/03/2020

"Cleaning the House" 4/26/2020

"No Going Back" 4/19/2020

"The Power of Life" 4/12/2020


"What Kind of Jesus" 4/5/2020



"The Power of One Accord."



The message, "Victory in Adversity".